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about us

The restaurant Nozomi, integrated in the Hotel Barabas, brings traditional Japanese food to Lucerne and reveals a culinary tradition that had - until now - been lain low in this city.  We don’t serve sushi, but everything else that is put on the table in the country of the rising sun. Let yourself be carried away to Kyoto, Osaka or Tokyo in a fresh, puristic and incredibly elegant and tasteful way.




The hosts

The Nozomi is headed by chef Benjamin Egli-Iwasaki. For more than two years, the passionate chef had travelled through Japan and learnt a lot about the local cuisine. He had also earned recognition for his work at some of Switzerland’s best restaurants. He started his career at the Grand Hotel National of Lucerne, then went on to the Ticino, Gstaad, Chur, Lucerne (sous-chef of the restaurant Mill’ Feuille) and eventually to Zurich, where he was the successful manager of a Japanese restaurant. Together with his wife Yuko and the Japan-fascinated team, he now looks after the well-being of the guests at Nozomi with passion. 

Our vacancies are published on the job platform of Schatz AG, our service partner:

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