The restaurant

In the course of lunchtime, our bento boxes (filled with fish, meat or poultry with rice, vegetables and a beverage) are paramount, ensuring a quick and tasteful meal for our clients who often are in a hurry. In the evening, our gastronomic offers are quite different: The restaurant and its concept invite the guests to stay and guarantee an all-embracing experience of taste and an authentic immersion in the Japanese cuisine that has much more to offer than sushi. A big variety of small dishes can be shared and handed round. With only 50 seats, the Nozomi preserves its cozy and familiar charm and is therefore perfect for small groups, having the desire of feasting through the versatile menu and enjoying themselves.

Gemüse-Tempura serviert im Restaurant Izakaya Nozomi


at Sunset Bar Lucerne

Never been to Japan? Your culinary horizon doesn't go beyond sushi, and you have no idea what a yatai is? Then you're not necessarily ignorant, but you've definitely come to the right place. And you're hungry, that much is clear.... don't worry, salvation is near! 

Because a yatai is really nothing more than a Japanese pop-up food stall, where a colorful mix of people, from heavy workers to suits, meet for an evening drink and snack. So just like the Sunset Bar. Just not in Fukuoka or Kagoshima, but just as good and absolutely bath figure compatible!

Meat grilled on charcoal, young vegetables and tasty fish, healthy Japanese salads, plus one or the other refreshing beer or delicious sake. At the end of the day, we bring the simple but refined dishes from the land of the rising sun directly to you - what wonderful irony!

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